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The Erlwyn Drive Residents Association (EDRA) has taken out Liability Insurance for the 66 foot Right-of-Way (ROW) known as Erlwyn Drive. It covers all EDRA members and their immediate families; it also covers any volunteers who may work on the ROW.

The policy term for 2003-2004 is 14 months; from March 31, 2003 to May 31, 2004. This term the Road Group taking out the insurance had to determine how much coverage it wished to apply for - $2,000,000 or $5,000,000 (last year there was no choice and the coverage was an automatic standard $5,000,000)

In March 2003 members were contacted by Mike Morton to determine the amount of liability coverage the majority of the membership wished to obtain. A majority vote of eight members chose the $5,000,000 coverage.

The insurance is covered under the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA) Liability Insurance Master Policy. Since the EDRA is a member of FOCA we are eligible to be covered by their master policy.

The insurance provider is "St.Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company" and our Broker is LMS Prolink Limited.

Attached are the Certificate Of Insurance, the Policy Agreement and the Policy Endorsements.

You will require "ADOBE READER" software on your computer in order to read/open the files. The software can be downloaded FREE from the web site.

click here to download 2003 Insurance Application file

click here to download the 2002-2003 Insurance Certificate file

click here to download Insurance Agreement file

click here to download Insurance Endorsements file