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We hope that this new web site will assist in the sharing of information for all the members of the Erlwyn Drive Residents Association.

Nothing New Yet For 2005
EDRA General Meeting at Ron Marenger's home on May 22 2004 at 2pm.
Main topic on agenda will be reviewing/discussing/modifying draft version of EDRA Constitution with the hopes of approving a satisfactory final version by the end of the planned meeting.
A Meeting Agenda and a Draft version of the Constitution will be available on this web site at about 6pm Thursday May 20. Please bring copies of those items with you to the meeting, and also bring a pen or pencil. - Thanks - See you there!
January, 2004
-ALL members of the EDRA have now paid the $650.00 fee required to cover the costs associated in purchasing Erlwyn Drive.
-Denise and Steve Howes have a new E-mail address 
On November 9, 2003
-The Minutes of the last EDRA Meeting were posted on this web site.
-An updated Contact List was provided. Notice that several people have changed their E-Mail addresses, and the info for the Scarolas was added, and the info for the Ribbles was changed. Wecome to our new neighbours Loreto and Olga Scarola, and their family!

On February 14, 2003 the Erlwyn Drive Residents Association (EDRA) purchased the 66 foot right-of-way known as Erlwyn Drive.

Finally, after about 50 years, the residents of Erlwyn Drive can now say that their street organization owns and controls the road allowance. However, it is unfortunate that we couldnt have obtained control/ownership sooner so that we personally could have had the power to give Enbridge Gas the permission to install a gas line in 2001, and Bell Telephone Fiber Optics the permission to go ahead and install their underground phone lines in 2002.

EDRA will approach Enbridge Gas and Bell Telephone to determine if they are still receptive to installing their respective lines along Erlwyn Drive. Since we now have ownership of the road, we can provide the necessary legal easement documentation required by those companies.

You, as members of the EDRA, now have complete control of the right-of-way (ROW). Members of the EDRA will be able to use their voting capabilities to determine the operation and future of Erlwyn Drive. The purchase has ensured that any existing structures, driveways, parking areas, fences or other objects on the ROW, as well as the temporary parking of vehicles/boats on the ROW, can remain unchanged. However; in the future if anyone wishes to erect, place or modify anything on the 66 foot ROW they must submit a written request to the EDRA which will then be brought forward for a membership vote.

For the main residential portion of Erlwyn Drive, the breath of the 66 foot ROW basically extends from the hydro poles on the west side of the road, to the hydro poles on the east side of the road. The length of the ROW extends from Ennis Road at the north end, to the Skyline fence/gate at the southern boundary of 705 Erlwyn Drive.

If you have any suggestions for changes or additions to this web site, please contact Mike Morton Thanks